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                 2011 Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                                                                          Action Pictures  


    Ashley Flautt launches one to the cheap seats         Big Time Eric Lewis prepares to hammer 


             Brothers Collin and Corbin Hill of Brothers Squared lowering the boom on PVB     


           Diamnd Dave Page of GDE pops one up       Zach of PVB follows thru on one of his 5 HRs  



           Gary of PVB looking to lose one to left         Brad of the Redlegs watches a drive backdoor 


       Father & Son Gabe & Dave Fisher looking to improve on their runner-up finish in the HR race     


            Drew Nichols watches one of his 6 HRs              Blake Rinehart lofts a high drive to left...back,

                         leave the yard                                                 back, back, caught agains the fence !



     Shondrikc smashes a deep drive against GDE            Shay Netter fixin' to crush a monster


    Nate of Blade Sharp takes a hack vs Brothers x2     Amos of the Knights does battle vs the Redlegs